Community Members share openly about Real Deal Real Estate Tours and our Hands On Real Estate Education. These are but a few of our team members. Click on the images to view a video testimonial from investors all across our nation wide community.


Featured Community Members

  • Jeff Thompson
    Jeff Thompson
  • Dr. Gary Lawrence
    Dr. Gary Lawrence
  • Christion Sadler
    Christion Sadler
  • John Ferguson
    John Ferguson
  • Raul Campos
    Raul Campos
  • Scott Rowe
    Scott Rowe
  • Bob Tierney
    Bob Tierney
  • Ned Walsh
    Ned Walsh
  • Sid Sampson
    Sid Sampson
  • Trian Wiemer
    Trian Wiemer

Community Members

  • Emery Sumberlin
    Emery Sumberlin
  • Robynn
  • Justin
  • Hugh Zaretsky
    Hugh Zaretsky
  • Sandy
  • Scott Dilley
    Scott Dilley
  • Cameron Sharp
    Cameron Sharp
  • Ran Macdonald
    Ran Macdonald
  • Jay Stark
    Jay Stark
  • Marc Gleeman
    Marc Gleeman
  • Jeff Armstrong
    Jeff Armstrong
  • Stephanie & JR
    Stephanie & JR
  • Dave & K’Lynne
    Dave & K’Lynne
  • Ronald Mondragon
    Ronald Mondragon
  • Legrand Hunsaker
    Legrand Hunsaker
  • Brett and Annette
    Brett and Annette
  • Deborah Ives
    Deborah Ives
  • Gary & Kelly
    Gary & Kelly
  • Stephen Oommen
    Stephen Oommen
  • Debbie Goldman
    Debbie Goldman
  • Roy and Diane
    Roy and Diane
  • Fernando Aleman
    Fernando Aleman
  • Deneen and Pete
    Deneen and Pete
  • DeLynn Nedrow
    DeLynn Nedrow
  • Del Jensen
    Del Jensen
  • Rick & Tina
    Rick & Tina
  • Stacey Powers
    Stacey Powers
  • Misha Elias
    Misha Elias
  • Bill Predebon
    Bill Predebon
  • Charles Hosea
    Charles Hosea
  • Bob Wagner
    Bob Wagner
  • Robert Martone
    Robert Martone
  • Kraig Million
    Kraig Million
  • Jeremy Colon
    Jeremy Colon
  • Forrest Bledsoe
    Forrest Bledsoe
  • Melony
  • Justin Kain
    Justin Kain
  • Steve Soll
    Steve Soll
  • Brenden Anderson
    Brenden Anderson
  • JC Williams
    JC Williams
  • Greg and Maryann
    Greg and Maryann
  • Del Hargis
    Del Hargis
  • Douglas Israelsen
    Douglas Israelsen
  • Steve Myers
    Steve Myers
  • Michael Huggins
    Michael Huggins
  • Jared
  • Johnathon
  • Christopher Vick
    Christopher Vick
  • Paul Hadley
    Paul Hadley
  • Ken
  • Darsey Borman
    Darsey Borman
  • William Burdine
    William Burdine
  • Randy
  • Bryan Stringham
    Bryan Stringham
  • Sally Clark
    Sally Clark
  • Ryan & Emily
    Ryan & Emily
  • We Want You
    We Want You